Cambridge Solar Powered Paver Lights

Cambridge Solar Powered Paver Lights

Say good-bye to wiring, cable and electrical power supplies – the built-in solar panels will hold a charge for 8+ continuous light hours and ultra-bright LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of use. Made of durable, glass block material. Available in 4 x 8 & 6 x 9 sizes.


We’ll light up your life – outdoors that is – with our wide range of hardscape lighting options including AC-powered models for Cambridge Pavingstones, Wallstones and Outdoor Living Rooms plus the Cambridge Solar Lights for pavers.

The Cambridge Complete Line Of AC-Powered Lighting Comprises:

  • Paver Lights In Several Styles
  • Wall Lights
  • Wall/Tread Lights
  • Corner Lights
  • Column Lights

Sold individually or in kits with wire and transformer.