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Appian® Prest® Brick

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The Appian® Brick System brings back the "old world" look to paving. Several sizes of square and rectangular brick shapes, together with blended colors and antiqued top edges, allow the installation to give a "cobbled charm" to the project. The system also includes wedge shaped pavers which can be used to form fans and circles of various sizes. Curves, arcs, and circles can create interest and focus attention to a particular area of the project.

 The Appian® System is also available with a tumbled finish for a unique weathered effect. Truly a versatile paver, the Appian® System is an excellent pattern for large or small scale projects.

Chapel Stone® Pavers

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Chapel Stone® Pavers create a bold paving design. With rocky and uneven top surfaces, they are perfect for the project that requires a more "rugged stone" appearance. With the vertical edges being true in size, they can be installed quickly and economically without the use of mortar.

Halifax™ Flagstone

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Hanover´s Halifax™ Flagstone pavers create a natural effect at its best. Whether you are contemplating an inviting garden path or a quiet landscaped patio, Halifax™ Flagstone is the perfect choice. 

These pavers simulate the contours of rustic stone on the tops and the sides.

Multisided Prest® Brick

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Hanover® offers four shaped style of concrete brick. These shapes, ranging from a series of gentle arches to a variation of a rectangular brick with angled sides, create new multisided opportunities for the designer. Standard colors and a range of blends are available. Many are stocked for immediate delivery. Custom colors and blends can be accommodated when quantities permit.

Permeable Paving Units

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The need for a pervious concrete paving unit that allows water to permeate the soil has become increasingly important. Many municipalities now require that rain and storm water runoff be controlled and retained. Hanover's EcoGrid® Paver and Aqua-Loc® Brick are pervious paving units which manage runoff while allowing moderate vehicular traffic. The use of permeable pavers has been proven beneficial to reduce erosion and storm water runoff, improve water quality, reduce project costs for drainage and retention systems, permit access for underground repairs, and increase land-use efficiency. -


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Hanover® PlankStone™ replicates the look of classic wood board decking. Pieces can be laid horizontally, vertically or in alternating directions. Installation designs are endless.
Hidden spacers allow for sand joint interlock. PlankStone™ is suggested for pedestrian use only.

Prest® Pavers

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HANOVER's Architectural Concrete Paver line has the characteristics and the performance of natural stone but can offer the project an economical alternative. Using extreme hydraulic pressure, HANOVER® bonds crushed limestone and granite together, producing a naturally beautiful Reconstructed Stone™ Paver.

 High compressive strength and density give the product the durability and low water absorption of stone. HANOVER® can provide complete flexibility for color selection. Custom color and aggregate blends have become our trademark and offer the homeowner endless specification opportunities.

Serengeti® Stone

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It was 1913 and great stretches of Africa were still unknown when Stewart Edward White, an American hunter, set out from Nairobi. Pushing south, he recorded: "We walked for miles over burnt country ... then I saw the green trees of the river, walked two miles more and found myself in paradise."

 He had found the Serengeti. In the years since White's excursion under "the high noble arc of the cloudless African sky," Serengeti has come to symbolize paradise to many of us. Serengeti® Stone truly displays the rough and rugged characteristics of the plains and boulders found within the Serengeti. The bricks have distinctly irregular sides and top surfaces. The bottoms are smooth. Together with a unique texture overall, this completes the stone effect.

Traditional® Prest® Brick

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Hanover® Traditional® Prest® Brick is rectangular or square in shape. Each brick is uniform in size, permitting easy installation of any paving pattern. The various sizes permit a break in pattern design when mixed or a tailored look when they are installed alone. Rectangular pavers have been the foundation of our interlocking brick and are manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes. Earth toned Standard Colors and natural Blended Colors allow the installation to enhance any setting. Interesting paving patterns can be created to complete the paver "floorscape."

Tumbled Prest® Brick

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Hanover®'s Tumbled Brick creates an old world atmosphere all its own. The worn stone effect will add a warm inviting entrance to any style building or home. This paving brick combines well with Hanover®'s Chapel Stone® Garden Walls, as part of a beautiful addition to any landscape.